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About product
It's an unusual example for a product owner portfolio because I've never tried to launch a publicly available version of this. This one was always for internal use only.

Have you ever tried to pretend that you used analytics to help you to make the right decision? Or maybe you even made decisions that were based on nothing? Anyway, both ways don't work. It's never enough to simply measure website traffic or conversions. And it's never enough to do it separately.
I've tried a lot of different analytical tools. None of them really works for my needs. Let me explain.
There's the famous "pirate metrics" framework AARRR, which I don't like by the way, but this is another story, but I had to mention that because it explains why I use a different one.
There are 3 main steps in your sales funnel: first you acquire leads, then you convert them from prospects to paying customers, and then you have to retain them simply because it's cheaper than acquiring and converting new ones.
So can you really tell me that "the most loyal customers come from this particular channel so it's better for us to consider our marketing budget allocation and etc." At least I don't know the other way to think about this. Let me show you how it works.
What's inside
I've tried to unite unit economics and the Goldratt Theory of Constrains with classic end-to-end analytics. And I called it "Unit Analytica".
Does it help me? A lot, and I cannot imagine doing any project without this magical Excel spreadsheet.
Do I want to sell it? Not really.
I believe that this is quite a complicated product for particular audience which makes it unsuitable for the mass market. Such kind of things are only used by data analysts and product managers, so I've decided to first use it myself and wait until I'll get enough good results from it.
Another thing that stops me from going publicly with this service is that it requires quite a personalised approach to set it all up, so it's better to collect as many different frameworks as I can before selling it as a product.
I've used it in each of my projects. I should also mention that I used it in some big companies I have worked for.
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