Minor Projects
With great impact for future initiatives
A passion for exploration and an adventurous spirit are at the core of my philosophy. Never settle, always looking for new challenges.

I've been to Mt. Elbrus (5642m) and am going to make my way up to Mt. Everest (8848m).
I've been to 15 countries and will visit all the rest.
I've done 3 marathons (42,2km) and am now thinking about IronMan.

I put it all in my blog to keep emotions and thought fresh after years. If you speak Russian and use Telegram, you can read it here.

Speaking of products, it's being monetised with Travel Payouts referral program.
Making others' lives sweet:
There's always something they have that you don't. That's the thing about sweets, chocolates and many other things that make us happy in Russia.
We wanted to change this. We found suppliers in Europe and brought everything we could to our homeland.
That's how we created a company "Sweet Cheat" to help people enjoy things that our retailers do not sell.

The project is currently closed, but there's a Telegram chatbot if you want to take a look how people were buying from us.
Product design for offline industry
A good friend of mine started to bring fresh young coconuts from Vietnam to Russia. It all ended up with me and one great professional from IBM iX team creating a product strategy for this venture.

As a result, we had developed 5 stable customer segments through a long process of customer research with interviews, focus groups etc.
This led the business to new kind of strategy for reaching the audience and conquering the market.
In addition, we've analysed and optimised all business processes in company's operations.
Vanyn concert in RED, Moscow, Russia
Actually, I've had a lot of experience in concerts, but to be concise, Jun 3rd 2017 was the best day from of all.
I helped Moscow indie band Vanyn with their online ads which resulted in more than 500 people visiting their first big show
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