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About product
Chatbots and messenger marketing were big trends in 2017 & 2018 and remain something you should keep an eye on in 2019, despite it seeming to slow down and all the hype around it is going away.
From 2015, there were a lot of attempts to create a platform for people who wanted to use chatbots but didn't know how to code, so we did the same in 2017 in Russia.
This page will tell you how to build the biggest chatbots platform in Russia and the CIS region, and help thousands of businesses to implement the technology without coding.
Helping people make money in messengers
There was some competition at the moment we've launched Chatforma in Russia, and it got much bigger by the end, which shows that this startup is the outstanding one due to its success.
Detailed metrics are presented below, but the key message here is that we've become the no. 1 platform in our region. I should say that this was the first project for me that was started by someone else, but I had a chance to join the team at the very beginning as a product owner, so everything related to design, development and analytics was performed by me.
More about Chatforma
You can basically design, build and deploy chatbots with no coding required. Moreover, you can buy a white label license for your web agency and use our platform as your own.

There's much more about us on our website, you definitely should check it out.
From May 2017 till today
May 2017
May 2017
An idea comes to founders after successfully launching a chatbot for HoReCa in Dubai
First partners and customers were found which lead to startup launch
Jun - Aug 2017
Jun - Aug 2017
Preparation for something big
Actually, I don't know this period of time since I've joined the journey a bit later
Sep - Oct 2017
Sep - Oct 2017
First MVP version was built
I've joined Chatforma as a product manager with a salary and an option contract. It was the time for me to create all the UI/UX designs to launch the platform as quickly as possible
Nov - Dec 2017
Nov - Dec 2017
Official launch and first sales
Nov 6th 2017 - the birth of Chatforma in the very first webinar with amazing sales conversion. At the same time, development goes too slowly with big technical debts and the need for refactoring.
Jan - May 2018
Jan - May 2018
Chatforma 2.0 development and launch
I became senior product owner and managed new platform development since there was no chance for the first version to handle the demand and new big features. I still did almost all the UX design and created new ideas for features.
Chatforma 2.0 was active on Apr 11th 2018 with the following rapid users growth
Jun - Sep 2018
Jun - Sep 2018
Big updates and new users
I become Chief Product Officer and take overall control of the product. It got new amazing features such as automated users segmentation and broadcasting with sequences.
In parallel, I set up and launched a referral marketing program and localised the platform for English-speaking users
Oct - Dec 2018
Oct - Dec 2018
Dealing with debts
Despite the fact that Chatforma had the most successful product in the region with useful features and thousands of businesses using our platform, there was a huge technical debt - we still had no CRM system. The current system we were trying to use for such purpose was unstable and too expensive.
I took the lead on this, delivering a complete CRM project in only 3 months - from design to using in in the beginning of 3rd month. There were many more things needed than just a CRM system - we developed stable integrations with a new payments system to finally launch recurring payments and also update our referral marketing software, analytics and email marketing.
These were the times I never had a chance to sleep well, but I will never regret doing these things.
Time to say "Goodbye!"
My vision for company's strategy and mission was different from that of the two other founders. We disagrees on corporate values, culture and what is most important - in the end our goals didn't align.
That's why I've decided to quit the company, though I still help them a little bit.
Anyway, that was a great journey with amazing experience and outcomes, so there's nothing I can say but thank you, Chatforma. Hope you live long life!
Some results
More than 100,000 website users monthly
9173 developers
9635 chatbots made
More than 170,000 chatbots users in total
User stays 4 month on average
Russia, CIS, Baltic States, USA, Canada
12 people internally + 4 devs outsourced
I cannot disclose other figures, sorry. But they were impressive
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